World Bank Warns Nigeria on Possible GDP Decline

David Malpass speaking at World Health Organization Media Briefing

A new World Bank report estimates that the collapse of ecosystem services provided by nature including wild pollination, food from marine fisheries and timber from forests could result in Nigeria’s GDP declining by $139bn in 2030. The report highlighted that Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia would suffer the most relative contraction of real GDP due to a collapse of ecosystem services by 2030, 9.7 per cent annually and 6.5 per cent respectively. The report reads, “In absolute terms, the greatest losses of GDP are expected in middle-income countries. “The worst…

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Nigeria GDP: View and Download Gross Domestic Product 1960-2019

Nigeria GDP image showing a sicty-year time series data

The Nigeria GDP; Gross Domestic Product at current prices is what this post is all about. The source of indicators in this post is from World Bank Data Bank. It shows the data for this indicator over a period of 60 years (i.e. Nigeria GDP from 1960 to 2019 in nominal values). To start with, what is GDP? GDP is the final value of the goods and services produced within the geographic boundaries of a country during a specified period of time, normally a year. GDP growth rate is an…

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