GREEN BURNS: Thoughts on Green Nigeria

Nwachukwu a place of bird poem and green burns

A PLACE  WHERE  GREEN BURNS: GREEN BURNS Is where poverty pours fire inside their minds Break them into black Little leaves.  Dying in the burning day as flame When the big tree yard is small. A footprint of smoke Descends as burnt offering & they hide in the cloud.  We dance in a choke of worries Till we become grey madness A footprint of smoke All our mouths could speak  Is blame- smoke-blame- smoke.  Till the year run all over.  TWO Out of repair.  The blessing gate is  Hanging half…

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Studies worry: Is Greenland on thin ice?

Greenland thin on ice worries scientists

Two studies in Nature open deep history of Greenland ice sheet — and raise new questions about its stability The ice sheet covering Greenland is four times bigger than California — and holds enough water to raise global sea-level more than twenty feet if most of it were to melt. Today, sea levels are rising and the melting of Greenland is a major contributor. Understanding how fast this melting might proceed is a pressing question for policymakers and coastal communities. To make predictions about the future of the ice sheet,…

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