Nigeria ranks bottom seven on SDGs progress report

SDGs in Nigeria: SDGs progress Report

A Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs progress report has ranked Nigeria 160 out of 166 on possible best outcomes in achieving all the 17 Goals.

This was obtained from the Sustainable Development Report 2020’s SDG Index published on Tuesday.

The Sustainable Development Solutions Network, SDSN and the Bertelsmann Stiftung prepared the report. The Network promotes integrated approaches to implement the SDGs and other global development agenda.

According to the report, the current assessment of Nigeria shows that the country is facing major challenges in achieving 12 SDGs. These are SDG 1-11 and 16. However, the country has achieved SDG 12; sustainable consumption and production.

Additionally, the report indicates declines in the best possible outcome of goals on poverty reduction and, peace and justice. Meanwhile, goals on hunger, health, clean energy, employment, human settlement, and ocean remain the same from the previous year. That is no progress no decline. However, there are slight improvements in clean water, infrastructure and land use.

The SDGs progress report ranked countries by their overall score. The overall score measures a country’s total progress towards achieving all 17 SDGs. The score can be interpreted as the percentage of SDG achievement. A score of 100 indicates that all SDGs attain full achievement.

The score signifies a country’s position between the worst (0) and the best or target (100) outcomes. For example, Sweden’s overall Index score (85) suggest that the country is on average 85% of the way to the best possible outcome across the 17 SDGs.

On the other hand, Central Africa Republic’s Index score (39) suggest that the country is on average of 39 per cent of the way to the best possible outcome across the 17 SDGs.

SDGs progress Report in Africa

Algeria ranked 56th, the African highest and scored 72.3 per cent.

Conversely, Nigeria ranked 160th on the log ahead six African countries – Madagascar, Liberia, Somalia, Chad, South Sudan, and the Central Africa Republic.

You can download the report and Nigeria profile below:

2020 Sustainable Development Report.

2020 sustainable development report Nigeria profile.

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