Data for Development in Nigeria

Development data in Nigeria availability is dearth and deserves quick intervention. And, this challenge impedes rightly diagnosis of the country’s development problems.

Measuring progress in development process requires a lot of facts and figure. Because of its role to ascertain the level of development or to determine the future development trends.

More so, he traditional ways of measuring development are no longer acceptable in this sustainable age.

Using core economic indicators like Gross Domestic Product and Per Capita Income to measure growth and development are less relevant these days. Because, development has transcend beyond economics alone.

Indicators like climate vulnerability index, inequality rate and happiness index are gaining more ground year in year out. The current reality of measuring progress now not only look at development or growth rates or how many people are lifted out of poverty but also takes into cognizance how inclusive such development or growth.

Nigeria needs for accessible and reliable data is enormous. Development organization are the main authors of development indicators. The need to measure the country progress more accurately is important, especially with respect to sustainable development.

Therefore, this page aims to provide individuals and entities with accurate, credible, and reliable Nigeria development data. This we hope will make them make evidence based analyses and conclusions on development in Nigeria.

Nigeria development data bank

In Nigeria, poverty, inequality, infants mortality, out-of-school children and urban poverty figures are staggering.

Updates are underway…

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