Nigeria: A country in serious need of courageous individuals

Nigeria needs people for scalling up development

It is a common thing in Nigeria to see a small group of people lamenting about the poor governance in the country in the comfort of their homes or pub.

The despairs of Nigerians are beyond what is bearable by any citizen of other countries in the world, but because of our suffering and smiling nature as once sang by Fela Anikulapo of blessed memory have made Nigerians remain in their suffering positions without taking action.

We all saw how American women and other activists matched against President Trump after his inauguration, demanding his attention on issues that concern Americans.

The above example shows how concern citizen of any country could be proactive to any anti-masses policy of any government. However, Nigeria will only discuss issues within the four walls of their homes but will fail to demand their leaders at any level to be responsible and accountable to them.

The whole essence of democracy is not making politicians billionaires overnight while the majority of Nigerians live in abject poverty.

Therefore, Nigerians should stop blaming their leaders if they are not ready to take action and ask for questions from public officeholders.

This country needs courageous individuals who are going to make government do the needful so Nigerians can enjoy dividends of democracy.

The country had a history of courageous individuals who forced the power of the day to listen to the yearning of the people. However, the current generation of Nigerians are mainly people with talk without action. And talk without action will lead us to nowhere. We have to start walking the talk, now.

The likes of Herbert Macaulay, Anthony Enahoro, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Obafemi Awolowo  Ahmadu Bello and others fought for the freedom of this country. In addition, in the late 1980s down to 1990s, Nigeria had individuals who protest against military government genuinely without being sponsored by politicians or public officeholders.

We need to begin to ask our leaders questions on how our money is spent, how the budget is implemented, why are some people are still in office despite being indicted with corrupt practices and many other questions that could be raised by any concern Nigerian.

Furthermore, action can be a match against any policy or law that is widening poverty or gender gaps.

Conclusively, I don’t need to tell you that governments at all levels in this country are not responsible; thus, don’t be irresponsible as well by not taking necessary actions when they are needed for this country to move from this bad state to a state of shared prosperity. God bless Nigeria.

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