N-Power is an inclusive program but is poorly implemented

Npower implementation excites Nigerian youths after the program announcement

The Nigerian youth were filled with excitement and hope when n-power program was announced by the federal government. The excitement is not far from the fact that majority of them are without jobs.

Data show that Nigerian unemployed graduate is above 50 percent. Thus, n-power to this number was like a savior to their unemployed status.

However, the mystery behind delay in this program’s implementation makes many to believe that the program may not live up to its expectation. Moreover, a number of Nigerian youth do not have hope in what seem as a solution to their unemployed status.

This program main objective is to create large-scale skill development of 600,000 Nigerian. Out of which 500,000 are graduates to serve as the N-Power Teacher Corp.

This objective  is loadable but its implementation is totally out-of-place. It is high time for government of this country begins to take whatever they are promising Nigerians with all seriousness. For example, one of the flaws of recruiting process of this program is that applicants did not get feedback on their assessments.

Then, how could the n-power management convince these applicants for 200,000 successful candidates for the first phase of the program? Some people believe that favoritism and nepotism are basis for selection into the program.

N-Power implementation failure

On this metric, a number of Nigerian youth that we talked to feel totally dissatisfied by the n-power program. Therefore, the presume benefits of this policy may elude the beneficiaries of the program. Because the premise of any developmental policy is on people not on arguments or numbers put forward by public officers.

The federal government’s Social Intervention Program which n-power  is part of has 500 billion naira budget in 2016.  However, its implementation is slow dashing many Nigerian youths’ hope of at least getting engage after a long time of sitting at home doing nothing.

Consequently, failure of the government to reduce youth unemployment in Nigeria is degenerating to frequent occurrence of social vices in the society.

The thing about our public administration is that we want to use inefficient and ineffective means, institutions and manpower to provide solutions to serious challenges facing the country. A grave problem like massive youth unemployment in Nigeria requires competent people. And not by giving responsibility to people who have less concern for development of all Nigerians.

The policy thrust of N-Power is good because it is inclusive and it targets some of the   furthest left behind Nigerian youth.This is in line with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. But, if the program implementation continues in the current manner; the benefit from it will not materialize.

In brief, federal government should be transparent enough so Nigerian youth will not lose trust in the program. Additionally,  the government needs to employ competent hands to manage this scheme effectively and efficiently.

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