Innovative gas infrastructure: A panacea to solving Nigeria’s power problem and gas flaring challenges

Innovative gas infrastructure: A panacea to solving Nigeria’s power problem

The demand for gas is growing speedily and it supply is very poor due to lack of production facilities in Nigeria. The potential of gas reducing the problems of epileptic power supply and gas flaring could be immensely solved if the innovative gas infrastructure is developed in the country.

Nigeria ranks ninth largest gas reserves in the world; however, this natural deposit is underutilized because of low infrastructural development to transit to more clean energy. Therefore, solving Nigeria’s power and gas flaring problems requires building innovative gas infrastructures that utilize both associated and non-associated gas.

There is a need for innovation when it comes to the production of gas resources in order to satisfy the need of growing consumers in demand of the resources. Exploiting the gas resources will require massive investment in production facilities, which Nigeria is short of.

Though the development of production of gas infrastructure in Nigeria has increased for almost three decades now, which has made Nigeria one of the major exporters of liquefied natural gas, yet the supply of the product in Nigeria falls far below its demand. For instance, Nigeria has suffered a number of power outages as a result of a shortage of gas supplies to various power plants in the country.

Transportation infrastructure is another thing that needs to be taken into consideration. It entails the transportation of gas from the regions where it is mostly available and cheap to highly populated areas with growing gas demand. When transportation is cheap, it is very possible to transport the huge reserve of supplying to the major gas market.

Furthermore, storage facilities constraints in Nigeria gas industry also reduce the climate mitigation advantages of consuming gas in an economy. For example, if there is enough storage infrastructure, then supply is sure to get to the consumer in high demand of gas. Storage ensures secure markets and supplies.

Building innovative gas infrastructure in Nigeria

Innovative and disruptive technologies are impacting every industry and way of life at a rapid pace. While beneficial, it’s fascinating to think that these innovations of today will be quickly outdated as they give way to or spawn other technologies.

Nigeria gas industry should thrive to adopt new and efficient technologies that will increase the scale of production of liquefied natural gas and that will enhance its transportation to final consumers. These improvements will go a long way in alleviating Nigeria’s electricity challenges and its environmental issues.

In the same vein, innovative finance sources by both government and private businesses will provide the needed financial demand to scale the production and distribution of gas products in Nigeria. For example, issuance of the green bond by public authorities and private organisations will help in generating funds to build massive infrastructural demand in the sector.

Therefore, innovative technologies like subsea robot arm called Eelume, the development of the Industrial Internet, virtual reality immersive training and Eddyfi inspection tool for corrosion under insulation will solve Nigeria erratic power supply problem and will reduce drastically the quantity of gas flaring challenge.

By Victoria Eleojo Attah

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