Dreaming of a Green Christmas

green christmas is possible when we are aware

Green Christmas

Guys, I just love the holidays. My people are home more, and we go to visit their families. And there’s a lot of food around–and somehow a lot of it ends up within basset range. It’s pretty much the best. There’s also a lot of stuff around during the holidays. My people come home with bags full of stuff, which they wrap up in other stuff, and then later they throw a lot of stuff away.

This is about the time I should be scaring you with a lot of statistics about the amount of wrapping paper and ribbon that ends up in the landfill every year, or the number of cheap plastic presents that break immediately and get chucked in with all that wrapping paper. But I’m no Grinch. Let’s skip all that dreariness and get straight to the fun ways to have a lovely green Christmas.

1.) Use newspapers, brown paper bags or recyclable wrapping paper.

Instead of stuffing garbage bags full of shiny wrapping paper when the gift-opening frenzy is over, use the Sunday funnies or other paper that can go in the recycle. The brown paper from grocery bags with some twine makes a very simple and attractive gift wrap. Of course, gift bags can be used year after year (and so can the tissue paper!).

2.) Use last year’s Christmas cards as gift tags.

No need to buy a bunch of stickers. Cut the front off old Christmas cards and use those. Very pretty!

3.) Give gifts they can really use.

Instead of buying something silly just so your friends and family will have more things to unwrap, stick with just a few, meaningful gifts. “Something they need, something to read, and something to wear” is a good guideline. Plus, books for your bibliophile buddies are always a good call–they can be given again or donated when they are done reading them. Same goes for lightly-used or outgrown clothes.

4.) Give to charity.

I know, it sounds lame, but you can make giving to charity in someone’s honour a very personal, meaningful gift. Is your girlfriend a feminist? Make a donation to Planned Parenthood in her honour. Does your uncle love hiking in the Appalachian mountains? Give to Friends of the Smokies or the Appalachian Trail Conservancy. Lots of organizations give you the option to receive or print a special card naming the person you’re donating in honour of.

What ideas to do you have? How do you keep your Christmas green?

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