Global call to act on sustainable development


Today, on the 2nd anniversary of the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN, thousands of citizens in more than 100 countries around the world, including Nigeria, raised voices to seek accountability from the world leaders on their commitment made on Agenda 2030 and demanded to #ACT4SDGs.  

Through the We the People ACT4SDGs campaign thousands of campaigners and ordinary citizens have come together around the anniversary is close to a thousand events from Abuja to Lagos to Manila to Buenos Aires to Brussels, Mexico City, Cape Town and Nairobi, to create awareness on the SDGs, highlight local realities, and hold our governments accountable.

Mr Emmanuel Olorunfemi at stunt event in Abuja from Abuja Green Alliance said: “We urge our leaders to #ACT4SDGs and take urgent action to tackle poverty, inequality and climate change. We can work together to create a better, more fair world. Our future, our children’s future, and the future of our planet depend on it.’’

On 25 September 2015, world leaders agreed to a definitive plan for the planet and its people by adopting 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The SDGs are a universal call to action on the challenges our generation face e.g. rising inequality, distressed migration, increasing conflict, sabotage of democratic rights of people over the natural resources, a threat to peaceful existence by the spread of fundamentalism and terrorism, a manifestation of various forms of unrest, the rise of nationalism so on and so forth.

If the 193 governments who signed the SDGs hold to their commitments, the results will be extraordinary. In Nigeria the challenges for achieving the SDGs and the demands to our government are:

  • An end to extreme poverty by 2030 that condemns millions of people, especially women and girls, to an early death, poor education and ill-health.
  • A turning point in the soaring levels of inequality and discrimination.
  • An end to a highly corrupt system of governance that siphons public resources for personal gains.
  • Protection of the planet, ensuring that all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030 especially in the face of several quit notices in the country.

Therefore, we call on our local residents here to act on sustainable development.

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