Minimum Wage: Costs of FG and Labour Unions Negotiation Deadlock

Some member of NLC protesting over new minimum wage

The controversy trailing the new minimum wage approval by the federal government late last year is something that need not be an issue. But for the fact that both parties failed to negotiate properly during the meetings that result in the N30,000 wage. Realistically, shabby preparation is synonymous with Nigeria for virtually everything the government does. From budget preparation to preparing for the Olympics, the country always waits for the last minute to do things properly. For instance, the 2019 general elections postponed for two weeks because of failure of…

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Anti-corruption fight in Nigeria is ineffective – Report


President Muhammadu Buhari did not mince words during the presidential campaign in the 2015 general election about his goal of the anti-corruption fight in Nigeria. However, little has been seen of his anti-graft war on corruption because the structure of the country institutions is grossly misaligned. Let us view corruption from an unusual metric by calibrating it, as a failure of the government to govern well is fundamental to entrenched corruption in Nigeria. Corruption cannot be genuinely fought without having good governance in place, hence the failure of the current…

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How the World’s Richest Companies Can Help Its Poorest Citizens

poorest people can be helped by the world big companies

Governments increasingly recognize that connecting their poorest citizens to basic financial services is a valuable tool for overcoming poverty and driving economic growth. From Kenya and Tanzania to Jordan and Peru, digital technology and simple mobile phones are opening up opportunities for millions of people by helping them to safely save and manage their money. The potential is boundless, and yet significant obstacles remain. One of them is the fragmentation of mobile money markets. Globally, there are 60 countries with more than one mobile money service. And typically customers using…

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Carrot Cake Easter Eggs

Carrot Cake Easter Eggs that is good for health and environment

Everyone knows that you need to have chocolate at Easter (if there were no Lindt bunnies, did Easter really happen?). Nevertheless, I think these gluten-free carrot cake Easter eggs are a must as well! I mean, carrot cake just seems like such a natural choice in an Easter menu, probably because carrot cake is made with, well, carrots, and who eats carrots? Bunnies, cute little Easter bunnies (human Easter bunnies included). This photo never fails to make me smile. I always wonder what that little brown bunny must be thinking, seeing…

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