Carrot Cake Easter Eggs

Carrot Cake Easter Eggs that is good for health and environment

Everyone knows that you need to have chocolate at Easter (if there were no Lindt bunnies, did Easter really happen?). Nevertheless, I think these gluten-free carrot cake Easter eggs are a must as well! I mean, carrot cake just seems like such a natural choice in an Easter menu, probably because carrot cake is made with, well, carrots, and who eats carrots? Bunnies, cute little Easter bunnies (human Easter bunnies included).

This photo never fails to make me smile. I always wonder what that little brown bunny must be thinking, seeing this giant pink bunny-like creature looming over it.

Anyways, back to the food part of this blog post!

As delicious and traditional as chocolate Easter eggs are, these gluten-free carrot cake Easter eggs make for a fun alternative treat. In fact, this dessert is a great activity to do with kiddos! They’ll love getting to decorate their own little egg.

I think it’s a little funny how these cakes are egg-shaped but contain no eggs!

Yep, no eggs. Or gluten or refined sugar. This fun treat is wholesome, yet decadent, so you can feel good about eating more than one carrot cake Easter egg. Note: I’m not against (certain) eggs. In fact, eggs that come from happy-running-around-on-a-small-family-farm-and-eating-all-the-bugs-and-breathing-all-the-fresh-air hens are super healthy for you!

To keep our carrot cake Easter eggs nice and moist, we’ll be using a mix of pumpkin puree and crushed pineapple! Don’t worry, you won’t be able to tell there’s any pumpkin in there. In fact, the pumpkin puree will actually help to sweeten our carrot cake easter eggs, as will the crushed pineapple.

It did surprise me that a lot of carrot cake recipes don’t call for crushed pineapple. However, I feel like crushed pineapple is a must in carrot cake. Not only does the crushed pineapple help keep the carrot cake moist, but it also provides the cake with a delightful tropical burst.

Now, for an Easter celebration, I highly recommend taking the time to cut your carrot cake into Easter egg shapes. However, if you’re short on time, or if you’re serving this carrot cake for another occasion, cutting the cake into squares or baking in round pans works as well.

So, what do you say? Will these gluten-free make an appearance at your Easter gathering? I hope it’s a yes because I’m sure your guests will love these sweet, little carrot cake Easter eggs as much as I do.

Before we get to the recipe for these carrot cake Easter eggs, I have a quick little story to share with all of you. (My mom loves this story and will tell it to everyone and anyone!)

So, for my very first Easter here in Canada, the sweetest, most magical thing occurred. When my parents opened up the front door and stepped outside with me, guess who was out there on the lawn… A little, fat grey bunny rabbit! Was it the Easter bunny just having come from delivering Easter eggs? Probably 🙂

If you make these carrot cake Easter eggs, please comment below and share a picture on Instagram. Use #thehappinesskitchen in the caption so I can see your lovely creations!

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