How the World’s Richest Companies Can Help Its Poorest Citizens

poorest people can be helped by the world big companies

Governments increasingly recognize that connecting their poorest citizens to basic financial services is a valuable tool for overcoming poverty and driving economic growth. From Kenya and Tanzania to Jordan and Peru, digital technology and simple mobile phones are opening up opportunities for millions of people by helping them to safely save and manage their money. The potential is boundless, and yet significant obstacles remain. One of them is the fragmentation of mobile money markets. Globally, there are 60 countries with more than one mobile money service. And typically customers using…

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Carrot Cake Easter Eggs

Carrot Cake Easter Eggs that is good for health and environment

Everyone knows that you need to have chocolate at Easter (if there were no Lindt bunnies, did Easter really happen?). Nevertheless, I think these gluten-free carrot cake Easter eggs are a must as well! I mean, carrot cake just seems like such a natural choice in an Easter menu, probably because carrot cake is made with, well, carrots, and who eats carrots? Bunnies, cute little Easter bunnies (human Easter bunnies included). This photo never fails to make me smile. I always wonder what that little brown bunny must be thinking, seeing…

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Climate alarmists: Real science must guide policy

Climate alarmists are misguiding policy on fossil fuel termination

Climate alarmists use faulty science and bald assertions to demand an end to fossil fuels Guest opinion by Paul Driessen All too many alarmist climate scientists have received millions in taxpayer grants over the years, relied on computer models that do not reflect real-world observations, attacked and refused to debate scientists who disagree with manmade climate cataclysm claims, refused to share their computer algorithms and raw data with reviewers outside their circle of fellow researchers – and then used their work to make or justify demands that the world eliminates the…

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2017 BATCH ‘A’ MOBILIZATION: Process of Payment On NYSC Portal Using REMITA Pay Engine

2017 BATCH ‘A’ has new dimension for registration

2017 BATCH ‘A’ MOBILIZATION The NYSC Prospective Corps Members should go to the portal home page and follow the following steps for Payment using REMITA: STEP 1 Click on “already Have Account”-Click here to login. STEP 2 PCM enters Email id and password to log in STEP 3 i) PCM clicks on “click here to make payment”. i) After a successful login, The PCM will click on “Proceed to Payment,” once the payment confirmation page is displayed, the PCM will be redirected to Remita Payment Engine with various payment options.…

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